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Answer the question below by crossing A, B, C, or D for the best answer!

1.    Teacher     : Good morning, class!
Students   : ................, Sir!
Teacher     : How are you?
Students   : We are fine, thank you.
Teacher     : All right for today lesson we are going to learn about greeting and introduction. Now listen and repeat after me!
a. Good afternoon  c. Good luck   
b. Good bye           d. Good morning

2.    Joni          : How are you, Sir?
Mr. Umar : I’m feeling great, thank you and you?
Joni           :.............. Thank you, Sir.
a. Yes, sure             c. I’m fine too.
b.  we are ok           d. She is fine thanks.

3.   Andi         : Can I borrow your pencil?
Sani          : Sure here it is.
Andi         : Thank you.
Sani          :  .................
a. I’m Sorry                      c. Thank you
b. Don’t mention it          d. I’m  fine.

4.   Mother     :  Rosi, did you break the glass?
Rosi          :  Yes, I did mom. I terribly sorry for this.
Mother     :  ................, next time try to be more careful
a. I am sorry too 
b. That’s all right darling  
c. Thank you 
d. Don’t mention it

This text is for the question 5 to 7
Teacher    : Now Each of you need to introduce yourself. All right Edo can you try please.
Edo          : Hello, my name is Edo.I am twelve years old.I am a student of SMP Negeri  10Sukabumi.I live in Nyomplong.I like swimming and reading books.My favorite color is green.My favorite food is fried rice.Nice to meet you.
Teacher   : ............(7)

5.   Based on the text above How old is Edo? He is ...........
a. 12 years old      c. 17 yeas
b. 14 years old      d. 13 years old
6.   Each of you need to introduce your self.
What is the meaning of the underlined word.
a. Perkenalan       
b. Memperkenalkan diri 
c. kenalin
d. dikenalkan

7.    What is the best expression to fill out number 7
a. I am happy       c. I am not really well  
b. Nice to meet you too   d. Thank you

8.    What is the day before Saturday? It is….
a. Sunday                         c. Friday 
b. Tuesday            d. Saturday

9.   Anwar      : What month comes after August?
Susi          : I am not sure.  I think it is March.
Ahmad     :No,  you are not right But it is ............
a. January             c. December              
b. February           d. September

This text below is for question number 10 and 11
My name is Rina. R - i - n – a. I am a student. I go to SMP in Sukabumi.I was born in Palembang on 30th December 2002. I live at Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 15. My phone number is 0185 20000981. I like jogging, bicycling, and listening to music. My Parents’ names are Mr. Helmi Yahya and Mrs. Yoana Pataya. I have one brother and two sisters. They are Dandi, Dina and Mandalika. My blood type is A. You can e-mail me at 

10.    Based on the text above how many siblings does Rina have?
She has ......... siblings.
a. Three                c. Two
b. Four                  d. five

11.    What are Rina’s hobbies? Her hobbies are
a.       Jogging, swimming, and listening music
b.      Jogging, painting, and swimming
c.       Jogging, bicycling, and  listening music
d.      Jogging, bicycling, and painting

Full Name        : Prilly Salsabila
Date of Birth   : 25th August 2001
Address           : Jl. Surya kencana No. 25Sukabumi
School              : SMP PEMUDA
Dream              : Athlete
Hobby              : Basket Ball
Hight               : 155 cm
Weight             : 40 kg
Artist               : Alliando Syarif
Food                : Noodles
Drink               : Avocado Juice
12.    How old is Prilly now?
a. 17         b. 13    c. 15    d. 14

13.    How tall is she ?
a. one hundred and fifty five centimeters 
b. One hundred and forty four centimeters
c. One hundred and four centimeters    
d. One hundred and forty five centimeters

14.    What is Prilly’s favourite beverage ?
a. Lemon juice      c. Avocado juice
b. lemon Tea         d. Apple Juice

15.    The similar meaning of hobby is
a. Interest                         c. popular
b. want                 d. Love 

16.    What is the day before Friday? It is….
a. Sunday                         c. Friday 
b. Tuesday            d. Saturday

17.    This animal lives in the sea and has tentacles. What animal is it?
a. Fish                   c. Octopus 
b. star fish                        d. Spring ray fish

This text below is for the question 18,   19
Fatimah is my sister, she is a . ... . (18). She works in a .....(19).....of  Sukabumi city. She assists the doctors in doing the job. She always looks very happy in her white uniform.

18.    a. Patient                        c.  Doctor
b. Midwife           d. nurse
19.  a. Zoo                   c. Hospital
b. Post office        d.  Police station
Things in Budi’s bag

20.    How many sharpeners does Budi have ?
a.  thirteen            c.  Two 
b. Three                d. Four

1.    Write down your identity using English language !
2.    write down your habitually !

Read part of a song below and answer the questions!

I have a dream
. . . .I have a dream a song to sing
To help me cope with anything
If you see the wonder of a fairy tale
You can take the future even if you fail . . .

3.    What is the title for the song?
4.     . . . to help me cope with anything. The underlined word has the same meaning with . . .?
5.    “ Do not be afraid “
What is the meaning from phrase above ?

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